Planning a trip to Medellin, Columbia? Before you jet off check out this list of Do’s and Don’ts that will help you plan the best trip!

  1. DO use public transport.

There are multiple Metrocable lines you can try, so you can see all the different communes above the city. It is cheap, roughly 50 cents to see all of the stops, an inexpensive day out! While you’re going up the mountains, take in the view!

You’ll find Uber’s and taxi’s all over Medellin and it is up to you which you use, but Uber is better if you don’t speak Spanish. There are no worries about trying to communicate where you need to go as the app is very handy.

  1. DO go on a walking tour but not on a Sunday!

Walking Tours are a must on pretty much all holidays, but Medellin has one hell of a history and you simply must go on a walking tour to see it throughout the city. But be aware that most places will be closed on Sundays as it is a traditional day of rest!

  1. DO visit the Minorista Market and give bargaining a go!

Get a taste of the local cuisine from one of the largest farmers markets in Medellin. Get ready to taste some amazing food! Bargaining is part of the culture in Colombia so try your hand at it. Aim for the street vendors, not the department stores though and you may be able to knock off a decent percentage.

  1. DO try dancing.

Don’t worry if you have terrible dancing skills (or none at all) because you will find an abundance of dance classes in Medellin. You never know, you may enjoy yourself!

  1. DO check out Comuna 13.

The history of this zone is immense, but it has changed a lot since the days of Pablo Escobar. Take a look at the local art or some of the amazing ice cream on sale.

  1. DO try out some local cuisine.

The set menus are cheaper than the open menu and normally you get a fair amount for the money you pay, so assuming you have no dietary issues take a look. A classic Colombian meal you simply must try is bandeja paisa. True it’s not for the vegetarians and vegans out there, but if you love pork you will love this dish. Also, Café Zorba is a must for everyone to try!

  1. DO visit a co-working space.

Now, these spaces are becoming more and more popular in South America so check out their system for working in office spaces and you may find yourself surprised at how well they work.

  1. DON’T take a flight at peak hours.

This is pretty much true for wherever you are flying but to avoid cramped spaces and long queues fly at a quieter time whenever possible.

  1. DON’T worry about the bugs!

Honestly, they aren’t as bad as social media makes them out to be. Don’t worry about flinging those windows wide open!