A small sophisticated town situated in the Turkish Riviera, although the area around the fishing village has expanded the village itself has remained the same size for the past 20 years that we have been promoting the hotels.

The village has immense charm and romance with its roof top restaurants; visitors to various tourist towns and villages in Turkey say Kalkan is very different to the rest.

Sheltered at the foot of Taurus Mountains in the region of Lycia and surrounded by historic sites including its own harbour, with superb views over Kalkan Bay towards the islands of Mouse and snake..

Over the past few years Turkey has seen a drop in tourism however kalkan has held its head above water due to the level of holiday home owners, Kalkan has become a favourite place for second homes.
The town is lined with typical Mediterranean shops and houses, whitewashed historic properties, enhanced with the display of bougainvillea.

Designer goods of high quality can be found in the shops, there is a good market every Thursday, bartering for goods is the norm, the traders are not to bad and fairly friendly when dealing, about 30% is a guide for a discount, don’t quote me though!!