Seville is one of the most popular travel destinations for 2018 but how much do you actually know about it? Did you know it’s one of the largest cities in Spain? How about the fact it is the home of flamenco dancing? Or about its investment in sustainable travel, pedal bikes over cars?

If you are planning a trip to the south of Spain this summer then take a look at this guide before you pack your bags and head towards the nearest airport. This guide will cover the top places to visit in Seville, the best views to find, some amazing places to eat and more.

If history is your thing then you should visit the Catedral de Sevilla, Giralda Bell Tower or Alcázar de Sevilla, each showing the beautiful history of Spain. A fan of architecture? Then take a look at the Plaza de España and Maria Luisa Park.

Or maybe you just want to wander and explore the district. You should try Torre del Oro and Barrio de Santa Cruz, each a beautiful day out with some interesting architecture thrown in for good measure. Try out Giralda Bell Tower, Metropol Parasol, Terraza Hotel EME or Pintor Amalio Museum for the best views around.

If you’re looking for a nice meal out for an evening then you should try La Blanca Paloma, Bodega Santa Cruz or Abaceria del Postigo. These restaurants are well reviewed and will give you a taste of the local cuisine you won’t forget.

Some suggestions for accommodations are La Flamenka or La Banda Rooftop, two small yet central places that will keep you connected to Seville.

Finally, for getting around Seville and the surrounding areas you should try hiring a bike. With the local authority pushing for a more environmentally friendly main mode of transport, the city is really set up for cyclists. With bike paths going pretty much everywhere it really is the best way to get around. For those unable to cycle, for whatever reason, there is the Tramvia in the city centre. The Tramvia visits all of the main attractions of Seville, though it doesn’t reach as many places as biking would allow.

If you want to explore cities outside of Seville you should try Cadiz, according to legend it’s the oldest city in Europe, so you can be assured it will be an interesting day out. You could also try Cordoba, an old Arab capital. You could explore the Jewish district and even the Royal Palace. Cordoba is between 1-2 hours away from Seville, depending on your chosen mode of travel, so it’s easily accomplished in a day.

If this guide has shown you anything it is that Seville has a lot of offer for anyone looking for a Spanish break with history, architecture and good food.