Whether you are travelling alone, with your friends or your whole family there is something to do in Rome. A romantic and historic city full of sites to see, food to eat and accommodations to try out.

So you’ve just arrived in Rome and you need to get to your hotel, how do you do that? Well, you have a couple of options open to you. There is the Leonardo Express, a fast non-stop train from the airport to the main railway station where you can catch a connection to your hotel. There is the Regional FL1 train which is the most affordable option, it’s slower but better if you are travelling on a budget. Finally, you have the good, old-fashioned taxi to take you wherever you need to go.

For accommodation you have a multitude of options, there are AirBnB’s, hotels and hostels throughout the city for a range of prices.

Once you have arrived and unpacked you could travel through Rome either by foot and take in the sights or you could use the public transport, which utilises a single or multi-day pass card for unlimited travel on bus, tram and subway rides.

As you might expect there are a wide variety of eateries in Rome, such as Spiriti e Forme close to the Trevi Fountain, or the Trattoria da Francesco, a restaurant near the Navona square.

For any sites, you want to see you must do the classics, the Colosseum, Roman Forum and the Trevi Fountain. But there is also the Palatine Hill, the site of some ancient luxurious villas, the Piazza di Spagna home of the famous Spanish Steps and church of the Trinita dei Monti.

You should also visit St Angelo Castle which has throughout history been a tomb, fortress and prison! Full of history it is currently a museum that holds sculptures, astonishing artwork and temporary art exhibitions, so you never know what you might find inside.

Finally, there is the Vatican Palace, a small country within Rome with its own laws, money and society. It holds the Vatican Museum, but if you want to visit make sure to book tickets ahead of time.

Looking for something a little different? Then you have to visit an area of Rome called Trastevere, outside of the heart of the city but a quiet place to take a stroll to see the local architecture and have a bite to eat in cosy restaurants. It also holds one of the oldest church in Rome, the Basilica of Santa Maria.

Rome has excellent transport links to the rest of Italy, within a couple of hours you could be visiting Bologna, Verona or Bari via high-speed trains. Perfect for a day trip when Rome feels just that little bit too busy.