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Hotels in Kalkan: About us.

Hotels in Kalkan has evolved from our main core business and is a specific website designed and marketed by

The company was established in 1997 and now operates approx 50 websites offering a selection of Hotels Worldwide.

We have chosen Kalkan for a specific website as we believe this area of Turkey will be the next tourist hotspot due to the weather, the cost of living and in particular the Kalkan people.

We design specific websites as we believe that global websites covering different areas of the world are difficult for the user to navigate to the specific information they require.

For example if you visit a website and the first thing you have to choose is the continent then navigation to a specific area such as Kalkan will be a daunting exercise.
We also do our utmost to visit the area and the hotels to obtain knowledge to pass on to our clients.

The hotel partners we choose offer best price guarantee, hotel reviews and 24/7 customer support

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